qubime – lightweight image editor [UPDATE]

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Qubime” – simple to customize editor for multiple images, written in python by me. The name comes from me and it is an acronym for “Quick Bulk Image Editor”.


Short description.
This program is made for quick editing of multiple images. It can resize, rotate, flip and convert them automatically just by dropping your files on the program icon.

A little bit of history.
The Idea of creating such a program appeared, when I wanted to send some pictures attached to an Email. These pictures were too large and I needed to make them smaller, and rotate some of them – an everyday task for many of you out there. I work in Ubuntu, so I have Eye of Gnome for viewing images, F-Spot Photo Manager – for managing photos, and GIMP for editing per default. Eye of Gnome can very simple rotate an image, but, honestly, I haven’t found the function to resize it. F-Spot Photo Manager appears to use Eye of Gnome to view and edit images, so it has the functionality of the latter. The thing I was left with was GIMP. It does its job perfectly, but it’s too heavy for such tasks. Especially, when you have to edit more than one image, you will end up with editing every one separately.

Idea and short usage explanation.
I thougt, that it would be useful to have a program, which can edit (resize, rotate, flip) multiple images at once. I had an Idea of creating an application without GUI. You should just select the images you want to edit, drag them and drop them onto the program. Some time pass (for calculations), and you receive edited images. How to edit the images should depend from the name of the program. So you can create a set of editors for your needs by yourself.
For example, if you want to shrink your images, so that the longer side will be 800px, you will have to have a copy of qubime called resize.800.py. If you want to rotate the images clockwise for 90°, then you have to use a copy, which is called rotate.clockwise.90.py or in simplified variation – rotate.90.py

After all, you decide, which kind of tools you want to have. The only thing you care about is, that the tools are placed to some visible positions on your desktop (e.g. some links to them on your panel) to have them handy for quick usage.

for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX you can download the program here:
It is a python executable. I have written it in Ubuntu and I only tested it under Ubuntu 8.04 and 7.10. Hope that it will work for Windows and Mac also.

You can also download a standalone version of the program here (for Windows only):

Feedback and bug reporting.
Please read the README file – most of the things are explained there. Nevertheless, I will very appreciate your comments, critiques and bright ideas about how to improve it. If you still think, that you have some unresolved issues or I am not answering for a long time, feel free to write me at

Ah. Nearly forgot it. I do not have any Icons you could use with qubime. If somebody likes to contribute some self-made icons, you are more then welcome. Just write me an e-mail to
qubimemadyogi.info and attach your icons package. I will publish them here along with the program.
I will be very welcoming every type of contribution, you make – build standalone executables, improve code, fix bugs etc. I will be very glad to publish them along with the program.
All the contributions will be published with the credits to the author of the work.