Pronounceable password phrases generator.

Posted in apps, code, python by pavlo on 7th 2008f September, 2008

I had to practice a bit in python, and this is what came out.

Presenting another pronounceable password phrases generator.

I always wondered how our University generated random phrases as passwords, that looked like real sentences. They are always good readable and pronounceable, but always altered so much, that they were definitely not from a dictionary any more.

This password generator attempts to do the similar task. The passwords are altered prases from random generated lorem ipsum text. I took the lorem ipsum text generator from James Hales (project homepage).

The generator comes in 3 packages – one is command line tool, another is with a GTK+ Gui and the third one is a mod-python version for your apache driven homepage.

Download password generator:


  • Command line version:
    $ python [w] <n>
    where “w” is number of words in each password and “n” is number of passwords to generate.
  • GUI version:
    Is pretty much selfexplaining. Just run

The result look something like this (NOTE – these are satic. Do not use them):

01:  lettis. mi Iatilis
02:  T3mpus, d3n3nypis ulpric3s?
03:  fync1 pony1r1; M1wyn
04:  ma0r0s f0sge wam,
05:  cincin1nc. s1m m1s

I hope this will be useful.