PuTTY Tango colors

Posted in customization, putty by pavlo on 31st 2008f July, 2008

For some time I was looking for a color theme for a famous Windows SSH client PuTTY, that would be readable. The problem with the default color theme is, that some colors are too intensive, so they are hard to read on some displays.

I decided to change the colors and for the template I took the color palette from the Tango Desktop Project. I also added some good looking monospace fonts – Bitstream Vera Sans. I am rather pleased with the result and now want to share it with you.

For better preview I’ve done some screenshots.
I captured ruby on rails validation example, opened in VIM via PuTTY (SSH) on my development server.

Default PuTTY Color Theme
default PuTTY Colour Scheme

PuTTY Tango Color Theme

Download the PuTTY tango colors theme.

It is a registry file, which describes a session named “Tango Theme” + directory with four fonts. Everything is packed with 7zip.

And at the end one little advice: if one puts PuTTY Tango Theme with VIM Tango theme, which can be found on Michele Campeotto blog together, one can get really good Tango experience.

The PuTTY Tango Theme comes with BSD License, whereas the fonts come with GPL. So you are free to use it. If you have found something interesting, please write it in the comments. I will appreciate all notices…

Here are the links to the Tools, mentioned in this post:


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  1. […] tango project is a usability project for free software, the colours are very pleasing and have been ported to putty, alternatively the Igvita theme is […]

  2. MkFly said, on 15th 2009f May, 2009 at 20:40

    Very nice. Love Tango, love PuTTY … this is perfect.

  3. RYAN said, on 3rd 2009f July, 2009 at 18:14

    Thank you very much! I have to work with PuTTY this semester for a programming class, and I get distracted by the main color scheme too easily.

  4. mauricio said, on 16th 2009f September, 2009 at 17:01

    :(… I can’t get it to work

    I’ve downloaded zip file, extract registry file to my desktop, double clic it, accept… open putty… everything is the same as before… what can I do to get it working?, thanks in advance

  5. mauricio said, on 16th 2009f September, 2009 at 17:26

    :) ok, it’s running now!!, for those with same misunderstood: the registry file doesn’t configure color for your putty sessions… it just add a session (almost empty)… you should rename it and/or modify hostname, ports, tunnels, etc, to connect wherever you want

  6. Tawna Lapusnak said, on 17th 2010f March, 2010 at 15:55

    Hi, I found this blog post while was searching for online shopping related information on bing and found it very good article, thanks for sharing, best regards and cheers!

  7. Kshitij said, on 29th 2010f June, 2010 at 1:44

    awesome :D

  8. Zvezdoros said, on 30th 2011f September, 2011 at 13:35

    My first post! :)

  9. TheEdge said, on 26th 2013f November, 2013 at 1:01

    theres http://putty.org.ru/themes/index.html huge putty colors collection

  10. admin_xor said, on 25th 2015f April, 2015 at 22:00

    Checkout my color scheme: https://github.com/soumyadipdm/Heavenly-putty-color-scheme

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